Want a Job Done Right? Hire a Professional
You've started your house cleaning business. Now what? ISSA Residential has ALL the information you need to run a successful home cleaning business.
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Want a Job Done Right? Hire a Professional

15 Nov Want a Job Done Right? Hire a Professional

By Alison Palmer

Hire a Professional and Trust Them to Do the Job Right

When you hire a plumber to fix a leak or install a new toilet, you research ahead of time to find a professional.  You hire someone who is trained in his or her job and you ascertain that he knows exactly how to accomplish the tasks you need done.  I bet you don’t hover over him and tell him how to do his job because he is a professional.

The same goes for hiring a professional house cleaner.   Your professional cleaning company  thoroughly trains staff on the most up to date cleaning techniques and safety issues.  Technicians know how to use the cleaning chemicals that they bring with them.  A professional knows how the chemicals will work and how to use them to their utmost performance.   You would not ask your plumber to use your tools, would you?  Of course not.  The same goes for cleaning professionals.  Allow them to do their job with their own supplies and equipment.  The final results are guaranteed and you will be a happy camper!

What Due Diligence Should Be Done?

When you do your due diligence, look for things that will tell you that the company you are hiring is professional.  They are licensed by your local government.  They have a bond which guarantees their honesty and they are insured which protects you from any accidental breakage or damage.

You might want to choose a company that is accredited by the Association of Residential Cleaning Services International.  This means that the company in question does background checks on their staff.  They adhere to the ARCSI Code of Ethics and they are a legitimate business registered with the IRS.  The latter of these is important.  If you hire an individual, you are on the hook for withholding their FICA taxes.  The IRS requires that you match their amount yourself.

The IICRC  bestows another certification.  IICRC is a body that conducts classes on the science of cleaning and proper safety standards in the cleaning industry.

Looking for a professional cleaning company near you. Use the ARCSI Directory.

Alison Palmer is the owner of Custom Maid in Virginia Beach, Virginia. To read more from Alison, read the Custom Maid Blog.