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Congratulations on your team members’ Professional House Cleaning Certifications!

PHC Certification demonstrates that your residential cleaning professionals understand the science behind cleaning.


Your team members have taken the necessary steps to earn certification, and now you may be wondering how you can promote this achievement internally and externally. This toolkit is designed to help you do just that!


We’ve included a variety of materials that will enable you to effectively educate employees, customers, prospects, and others about PHC Certification. We encourage you to leverage these materials so that you can make the most of your team’s certifications and differentiate your business.


This toolkit includes the following items* and instructions for using each:

  • Logo – Being certified with the Professional House Cleaning Certification, you are encouraged to use the PHC badge to identify your achievement.
  • FAQs – We have prepared responses to frequently asked questions that you may receive from customers, employees, and members of the media should you choose to promote your team’s certifications.
  • Press Release – Promoting your PHC Certification in the media can result in coverage that helps secure new customers and employees. Our press release template enables you to customize an announcement for your company.
  • Social Media Copy – Promoting your employees’ PHC Certifications on social media platforms can result in pride in accomplishment and improved employee morale. It can also help secure new customers and staff members. We have created copy that you may use for Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram.
  • Marketing Copy – Promoting your employees’ certifications can help you differentiate your business in an increasingly competitive marketplace, build greater trust among your customers, and attract the best talent.


Thank you again for your commitment to expanding the knowledge and elevating the profession of residential house cleaning to better serve your customers. If you have additional questions about the Professional House Cleaning (PHC) Certification, reach out to Erin Lasch at 224-534-5061 or [email protected].


*Items are available in PDF format. If you would like Microsoft Word documents, please send an email to Erin Lasch at [email protected].


Below are instructions so that you can effectively leverage these communication materials.

PHC Badge


Proudly Display Your PHC Certification
Logo Usage Guidelines for the PHC Certification

Being certified with the Professional House Cleaning Certification, you are encouraged to use the PHC badge to identify your achievement.

Here are guidelines for using the badge:

  • The badge cannot be used on a product label or otherwise in connection with a product or service.
  • The badge may not be revised or altered in any way. It may, however, be reduced or enlarged (proportionately) to meet the user’s particular needs.
  • The badge shall not be used in a manner that would imply or in any way suggest ISSA endorsement or sponsorship of a product or service.

If you have any questions about the Professional House Cleaning Certification or its use, please contact ISSA Residential at 224-534-5061.



Review the FAQs thoroughly to ensure that you can successfully answer these inquiries should they arise. Share the FAQs with any other leaders internally who may be approached with these questions. If you encounter other FAQs, feel free to add them to the list. You may also want to reference it when onboarding new employees so that they understand PHC Certification.

Press Release


The press release template we’ve constructed will help you quickly and easily announce your PHC Certification. Please do not return completed press releases to ISSA Residential. We encourage companies with certified professionals to distribute this content themselves.


1. The areas highlighted in the press release enable you to customize it with your company’s information. The company boilerplate at the bottom is a simple summary of your organization.


2. We recommend sending the press release to local newspapers and television stations.

  • For print or online media, find the contact information for an editor or editorial director.
  • For TV, search for the email address for the news desk. Stations typically have a contact page where you can submit news. For example, by searching “ABC Chicago news desk” you will find this page. Clicking “submit news tips & press releases” opens an email to [email protected].


3. When sending the press release via email to media contacts:

  • Localize the subject line. For example: CITY-based Cleaning Company Earns Industry Certification
  • Prepare a short 2-3 sentence summary highlighting your news. For example:
    Good morning,
    Cleaning is more important than ever, including in our homes. COMPANY NAME in CITY has earned Professional House Cleaning (PHC) Certification to deliver the highest quality clean to its customers. The certification from the international trade organization for residential cleaners teaches the science behind cleaning. For more information, see the press release below. For images or the PHC logo, please contact me at EMAIL ADDRESS.
  • Then copy and paste your completed press release below your email signature. Do not attach the press release to the email.


4. You may also post the press release to your website. If you have a blog or news section, consider featuring it there. If you distribute emails or newsletters to customers on a regular basis, include a short synopsis of the PHC Certification and link to the press release on your website so they can read it in full.

Social Media Copy


Use the prepared copy to effectively market PHC Certification via your brand’s social media channels, which may include Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram. Feel free to customize these posts to your needs and consider these tips for success:


1. Be sure to include the hashtag #ISSAPHC so that we can build greater awareness for PHC Certification.


2. Follow and tag ISSA so that we have an opportunity to engage with your posts!



3. Post the copy alongside an image of your certified cleaning professionals or another relevant image that will garner likes and engagement from your followers.


4. Regularly communicate about PHC Certification via social media to ensure all followers of your pages are aware of your achievement and understand its value.

Marketing Copy


You may use the prepared copy to effectively market PHC Certification via your website, brochures, and other promotional materials. Feel free to customize it to your needs. We recommend also adding the PHC Certification logo included in the toolkit to your website and other materials in which you promote certification so that your customers come to recognize and value it.