How Did Maids Become Cleaning Technicians? Find Out.
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How Did Maids Become Cleaning Technicians? Find Out.

02 Mar How Did Maids Become Cleaning Technicians? Find Out.

By Jorge Leiva, Bee Maids

cleanerCertainly, the need for help with our daily household cleaning chores has not changed over the years. But the type of ‘help’ we need definitely has. Historically, maids would utilize mops, rags, dusters, buckets, and standard vacuums or “your” vacuum. It is demonstrated that dirty floors and dusty surfaces require more than an average vacuum and lemon wood cleaner to be consider “clean”. In a world with many new surfaces and new materials, new discoveries in science and technology have made the image of the maid with the feather duster look antiquated.

With this evolution, the house cleaning industry has evolved as well. Several established residential cleaning companies such as Bee Maids have made the shift towards the technical training and employee development to better serve their clients’ house cleaning needs.

This technical training must provide the recently hired employees several theory and hands-on guidance. Hygienic cleaning, sanitization, appropriate use of cleaning agents, equipment handling and customer service skills are some of the abilities new employees are committed to acquire to be part of the company and of course to be called cleaning technicians.

However, the initial training is just the beginning of an ongoing effort that established house cleaning companies are providing in order to improve not only their house cleaning services but also to lower employee turnover. Regular professional development in new techniques and developments, scheduled meetings with cleaning teams and office staff to brainstorm and implement new ideas are essential to keep up with the constant change in the residential cleaning industry.

With all this information in hand, is clear that homeowners nowadays need more than the common ‘maid’ to keep their house clean and safe. It is also confirmed that in today’s world, the professional cleaning company you let into your home must be sending you qualified employees to do more than just surface clean your house.

At Bee Maids, we have changed with the times. We hire the right people and train them to become the most experienced and highly skilled house cleaning technicians you have ever had. Our cleaning technicians do not just clean your house, we understand the science behind keeping your home safe, and provide the highest quality services possible to our clients. We are not just the average house cleaning company, we are specially trained cleaning technicians who are fast and effective at utilizing theories and science to ensure your home is not harboring unwanted bacteria and illness while simultaneously protecting your personal belongings against inappropriate cleaning techniques and practices. Protect your family and belongings by utilizing our professional house cleaning services. We are not just maids; we are Cleaning Technicians. Our business is to guarantee you live in a healthy clean home.

Jorge Leiva is the owner of Bee Maids, a residential cleaning company based in Houston, Texas. To find out more about Bee Maids, visit their award winning website at