Take Advantage of Opportunities Spring Cleaning Brings
You've started your house cleaning business. Now what? ISSA Residential has ALL the information you need to run a successful home cleaning business.
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Take Advantage of Opportunities Spring Cleaning Brings

03 Mar Take Advantage of Opportunities Spring Cleaning Brings

Residential cleaning industry expert Debbie Sardone joined ARCSI’s Coffee & Conversation in March and shared marketing insights with attendees.

The focus of the March Residential Coffee & Conversation was “how to promote spring cleaning.” Special guest Debbie Sardone told attendees to look at their current marketing efforts, see what is working and increase the budget in those areas.

“How do know if it’s working?,” Debbie asked. “You have to measure your ROI – your return on investment. Spend your marketing dollars where people are buying.”

Spring cleaning presents a great opportunity for residential cleaning companies. Debbie reminded attendees to think about what is coming up – Easter, spring, Mother’s Day.

Another topic of discussion is to focus on repeat clients. “Our focus should not be on all the one-timers,” she said. “I am not interested in spending valuable labor hours on one-times. Our efforts tend to focus on returning clients. And who is the person most likely to buy from you? The people already buying from you!”

With your repeat clients, you have the opportunity to offer them upgrades and even new services.

Libby DeLucien, founder of WootRecruit, also joined Coffee & Conversation to share advice on recruiting and retention. “Companies are having the hardest time keeping their employees. Getting employees to stick around is the biggest issue,” Libby stressed. “Before COVID, we could put up an ad and get a good turnout. Post COVID, it is just so competitive. We had an influx of business but not people.”

Libby encouraged attendees to be recruiting every day. “If you want to get out of that valley of despair, you need to look at recruiting like you do sales what does it cost me to get one good employee,” she shared.

The workforce is different in the post-COVID world. They have different priorities and many options open to them. Libby said to forget about talking about work-life balance. “People want a life-work balance,” she stressed.

Our next Residential Coffee & Conversation is April 6 at 11:30 am EST and will focus on creating a culture of success.